Our Services


We specialise in creating custom solutions for small to medium businesses to optimise their day-to-day operations, and increase their exposure online.

  • Consulations
  • PC-based Software
  • Mobile & Wireless Systems
  • Web Development



We offer on-site consultations and requirements analysis in the northern metropolitan area of Melbourne, Australia, and online consulations for customers located outside this region.

PC-based Software


We specialise in interactive, graphical, PC-based software business tools covering almost any use. Our focus is on the user interface, with large, multi-coloured controls supplemented by computer graphics, multimedia and seamless integration with paper printers.

Some features we can include in your custom business program include:

  • Graphical design software
  • Batch printing systems including computer graphics
  • Multimedia programs
  • Secure integration with web servers over HTTPS
  • Internal network communication to connect computers in your business
  • Easy sharing of files across computers in your business

Mobile & Wireless Systems


At O'Neill Software Engineering, we recognise that your business operates outside your office. Just as you need freedom of mobility in order to interact with customers, suppliers, your sales team, or even on your premises, be it around your manufacturing plant or waiting on tables, you need your computer system to move with you.

We can provide you with an integrated solution for your business — including wireless networking, laptops and hand-held computers (PDAs) all running O'Neill software, tailor-made for your business.

Web Development


The internet has become an inseparable part of our lives and how we do business. If your business is not online, you are at a significant disadvantage that will only become worse and worse as time moves on. At O'Neill Software Engineering, we can give you the edge on your competitors by creating a website for your business of the highest quality.

Our websites will grow with your business — so you can start small, and with time, we can add and expand your website to meet the growing demands on your business.

"If your business is not online, you are at a significant disadvantage that will only become worse and worse as time moves on."

Our web development solutions generally fit into the following categories, although, as with any custom-made solution, these are flexible.

  • Online presence — a small website showcasing your products, and professional you@yourcompany.com.au email address.
  • Interactive website — a medium-sized website which allows you to interact with your customers and update content on your own.
  • Enterprise solutions — large-scale solutions which bring together your internal company operations seamlessly with interactions with your customers, including databases, newsletters, email lists and full interactive content (both external and within your business).

We arrange for registration and hosting of your domain.